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Fireman protective apparel

Fireman protective apparel is designed to protect a human’s body against dangerous and harmful effects emerging during extinguishing a fire and liquidation of emergency cases, as well as during the execution of the related salvage operations.


Design of the fireman suit, the materials and accessories used make a barrier to penetration of water and aggressive substances into the inner layers. The suit protects from climatic and heat influences, against high temperatures, possible flame outbursts, and contacts with hot surfaces, and allows rescuers to perform all kinds of activities during fire extinguishing as well as other works in the extreme situations.


Heat-resistant ARSELON fabric in natural orange or dark-blue color is applied for upper layer in fireman suits.


The fabrics on the basis of Arselon® fiber are in full conformity with the strict requirements of fire safety standards of the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation and Ukraine. They have the required thermal stability, do not support burning, do not melt, retain tenacity and elasticity after a long-term service at high and low temperatures. For all this Arselon fabrics possess good ergonomic properties, is comfortable, easy to care, and is competitive with well-known European and American analogues.


Physical-mechanical properties of the materials used for the production of
fireman protective apparel

BY 400031289.212





Surface density, g/m2, max


For upper layer of the material

Breaking strength, N, min:    

-         warp

-         weft    




Tear resistance, N, min:    

-         warp

-         weft        




Change of dimensions after wet treatment, %, max



Shrinkage after heating, %, max



Water impermeability, kPa (mm H2O), min


10 (1000)

Resistance to the action of the ambient temperature of 3000 C, s, min



Resistance to contacts with solid surfaces heated up to 4000 C, s, min



Oxygen number, %, min


Resistance to  weak acids (up to 20 %) and alkalis (H2SO4, HCl, KOH, NaOH), volume of stream flow at zero penetration, %, min




For set of the materials *


Resistance to open fire, sec., min


Thermal conductivity at the temperature from 50 to 1500 C, Wt/(m0 C), max



* Set of the materials consists of flame-retardant Arselon fabric, flame-retardant polyester felt, removable heat-insulating lining and lining.


Fireman suit consist of:

  • jacket;
  • trousers;
  • removable heat-insulating lining of the jacket;
  • removable heat-insulating lining of the trousers;
  • certificate and operating manual;
  • repair packing:
  • piece of upper layer material, size 1 dm2,
  • extra button, one piece,
  • thermal resistant sewing yarns, min 10 m.



Design features of each fireman suit model are provided in the specific technical description of the model.:


Fireman suit. Model 4241K-09 (139.7 Kb, download in PDF)
Fireman suit. Model 4260K-09 (320.6 Kb, download in PDF)
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