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Thermal protective apparel

Svetlogorsk "Khimvolokno" has been producing protective and special apparel for over 20 years. The quality of our garments is the key factor for maintaining of individual and collective security, consumer culture of protection, creating a corporate style of dress for various industries.


All products are certified. The production line is equipped with modern Japanese and European cloth-cutting sewing equipment.


New series of apparel are subjected to strict preliminary tests before production.


For the apparel using at high temperatures, where contacts with flame or molten metal are possible, Arselon fabrics are used.



Arselon fiber refers to a class of poly-oxadiazole polymers and has properties that allow using it to replace effectively aromatic polyamides (aramid fibers).

  • The oxygen index is min 30% (low combustible, self-extinguishing);  
  • No melting, nontoxic;
  • Temperature of use 250 C (operation life 3 years);
  • Maximum operating temperature to 330 C (peak - up to 400 C);  
  • Flexible at low and high temperatures;
  • Low linear shrinkage (up to 0.5% at 400 C);
  • High chemical resistance;
  • Water absorption level 10% -12% (similar to viscose and cotton);
  • High electrical insulation properties



  • Material does not burn, does not melt;
  • While flame exposure is prolonged, the fabric becomes carbonized without melting and liquid phase, which eliminates secondary burns;
  • The material is resistant to sparks and spatter during welding.


The suite made of heat-resistant fabric "Arselon", has a whole number of advantages compared with the suites made of traditional materials, such as half-linen canvas:


Long lifetime: min 3 years;

Care: Wash at 70 º C, shrinkage max 2.5%;

High level of ergonomics;

Low suite weight.



Weight of suit

made of thermo-resistant Arselon fabric


without heat-insulating lining - 1,7 kg

with heat-insulating lining - 2,8 kg

Weight of suit

made of canvas


without heat-insulating lining - 3,6 kg

with heat-insulating lining - 5,8 kg


Welder suit

Forester suit

Hands protection


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