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Polyoxadiazole fiber (registered trademark Arselon®) is being produced in the Republic of Belarus. As the production process was designed alternatively to meta-aramid fibers, thus by its properties Arselon is very similar to various meta-aramid fibers.


The staple fiber Arselon® (0.33tex66mm) is a basis for the filtering needled felt Filars™ (and other trademarks which are being produced worldwide) for the application of hot gas filtration via bag filters.

Filters made of Filars™ felt are intended for effective hot gas filtration in the industries of asphalt processing, cement, construction mixtures, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy.


Purification efficiency meets strict requirements of environmental regulations.


Properties of the fiber ensure high thermal resistance of the felt and bag filters. This makes possible to operate products at the temperature level 250°Ñ, the material withstands thermal shock up to 400°Ñ during few minutes with no melting or shrinkage, i.e. the filter dimensions remain stable.


Thin diameter of the fiber (12-15 microns) ensures the capturing of dust and carbon-black particles inside the felt. The purification level is 10 mg/m3 in average.


For better filter regeneration the Filars™ material can be calendered (upon request).


Reinforcing with scrim of Arselon® filament yarns increases strength and wear resistance of Filars™ felt. The material remains to be flexible both at low and high temperatures. It is resistant to organic acids or solvents, petroleum products, and mineral oils.



Surface density, gsm

480 – 540

Width, cm

max 200

Air permeability (breathability), liter / dm2∙min (at 200 Pa)


Load at break, N, min





Elongation at break, %





Thickness, mm

1,8 – 2,4

Temperature of use, ºÑ


Possible thermal shock (short time use), ºÑ



Filars™ – registered trademark of state company «SVETLOGORSK KHIMVOLOKNO»


Additionally to Filars felt we offer various Filars based bag filters for hot gas filtration upon customer request. The sewing department of our company is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and high skilled personnel. Napped Arselon® fabric is a choice for heavy duty hot gas filtration (for example, zinc and chromium plants).


In cooperation with R&D companies we constantly improve the quality of Arselon fiber and filtering needled felt.


Leaders of road construction business in Belarus (Gomel, Grodno, and Brest based companies) have been successfully using Filars based bag filters for the years. Our filters are being used on the various kinds and trademarks of coating plants.




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