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What is Arselon?

The only world facility of heat resistant poly-oxadiazole fiber under the registered trade mark Arselon is located in the Republic of Belarus. Fiber producer is state company Khimvolokno Svetlogorsk.


Arselon has unique properties. This fiber is used around the world for manufacturing of heat resistant bag-filters, protective apparel and accessories, plastic composites, braided packing, friction materials and so on.



Chemical formula:







Heat resistance

Arselon and products made of it can be used long-term (up to 3 years) at high temperature up to 250 C, with notable withstanding of short-term heat shock up to 400 C. Thermal destruction begins at 500 C. Arselon fiber doesn’t melt.

Arselon withstands the exposure of open fire, in inert media the material become carbonized.

Oxygen index LOI for virgin fiber is 30% minimum. Arselon based fabrics can not be burned with overheated (600-700 C) sparkles.

The fiber is applicable at cryogenic conditions as well.


High breaking strength and other properties.

Average load at brake of the filament is 45cN/tex at 20 C and 27 cN/tex at 200 C.

Break elongation is 10-15%. Load at elongation (LASE) 5% is in the range 31-41 N.

The filament is very stable to withstand cyclic and static load.

Arselon has high adhesion to rubber.


Chemical resistance

Arselon fiber has high resistance to organic solvents and acids. It is stable to thinned inorganic acids and alkalis.


Natural humidity

Humidity level of Arselon compares to viscose and cotton level (10-11%).


Low shrinkage

Linear shrinkage at high temperatures (up to 400 C) is 0,5% max., that is significantly better versus other types of heat resistant fibers with high level of shrinkage.


Unique frictional properties

Arselon has very low friction coefficient to the metal surface (below 0.2). This property is a key to successful using of Arselon in composite industry. The material is wear-resistant and not abrasive.


High electrical resistance: above 1014  Ohm · mm2 / m


A simple dying process of spun yarn and fabric (various colors)


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